Brand Box creates UK’s first Social Media Weddings brand

Status Social are an award-winning agency who have long established themselves at the forefront of professional and innovative social media strategy.

They came to us to discuss the launch of an exclusive bespoke new service and needed to find a new voice in a new market. ‘Social Media Weddings’ is the first of its kind in the UK, a pioneering service that creates an engaging atmosphere capturing the moment and preserving memories of ‘the perfect day’.

Branding Derby - Brand Box used to launch Social Media Weddings

 brand_boxWe initially established that Social Media Weddings is a premium service, but much more importantly, it is a personal exclusive experience ensuring that the wedding is truly memorable. Social Media Weddings needed to be a brand in its own right, which is supported by Status Social’s reputation of expertise and experience. Status Social proved to be the ideal client for WDA’s ’Brand Box’; a product that works by creating a distinctive bespoke identity, turning businesses into brands – essentially a ‘brand in box’

The team here at WDA were able to identity a clear demographic, a market, and a style which would invest people with the brand. The positioning platform ‘Share Your Story’ focuses on what is at the heart of social media: the opportunity to express your individuality, your moment, your story on what is for many one of the most important days of our lives.  Graphically, the brand is an elegant marriage of tradition and contemporary design; the refined logo and accompanying iconography would be aptly situated alongside any high fashion or jewellery brand. We have created a platform that compliments the digital nature of social media yet with its eye fixed on classical sophistication.

Branding Derby - Brand Box used to launch Social Media Weddings

Branding Derby - Brand Box used to launch Social Media Weddings

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