Randd Brand Design

Why did the chicken grab people’s attention? Because it was 6ft tall!

WDA client randd uk recently exhibited at a key trade show, Food Matters Live in London. WDA’s key challenge was to create a bold and engaging stand design that really stood out, and having grabbed visitors attention, to get across quickly what R&D Tax Credits are.

The eye catching stand design did indeed feature the face of a 6ft chicken sitting inside a trophy alongside the headline ‘A chicken farmer receiving £173,000 from the tax man? – As likely as Leicester City winning the Premier League!

Randd Brand Design

That was enough to stop scores of people passing the stop in their stride just long enough to be able to approach them and say, ‘hard to believe isn’t it but the majority of companies who could potentially claim £000’s back from the Tax Man don’t know they can, do you?’

Those interested, and there was a steady stream across all 3 days, were then given a copy of the Daily Reality Cheque, a mock Financial Times inspired newspaper which explained simply and graphically how randd uk have already helped hundreds of SME businesses claim back over £60 million.

With the traffic and interest WDA’s approach help generate at the show, that figure will grow, thanks in no small measure to that 6ft tall chicken, new business for randd uk will be coming home to roost.

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