WDA is pleased to have been selected as creative agency for the 2010 Dealer Expo event, Europes biggest and most popular Motorcycle Industry Trade Show.

“Expo, along with Autosport on the Auto side of our business, is the biggest show of the year for us” says WDA’s Lee Waterhouse. “It provides a unique opportunity for WDA to catch up with clients, meet new customers and get an insight into all the new products and developments which are set to shape the industry for the following year. Understanding what makes the market tick is vital to WDA, as it is our specialism within the automotive industry which gives us our edge.”

“WIth Expo, WDA was keen to try and simplify the message and pare back the traditionally cluttered advertising. We also wanted to create a strong core concept which we could follow through all the items we produced – both online and in print. ‘THE BUSINESS OF BIKES’ campaign we have created aims to get over the message that whilst we are all passionate about bikes, it is also a serious business; and one which closes the gap to the Auto industry (in terms of the way it is structured and the level of professionalism involved) every year.”

For Expo online visit:  www.motorcycle-expo.co.uk

Following on from the successful ‘Art of Performance’ 2008/09 campaign, Milltek have again asked WDA to create their advertising for 2010.

WDA are big fans of Milltek, not just because they are based just around the corner from our studio (and that they are great guys too!); but that they design and fabricate one of the best exhaust ranges on the market today, and have gained a well earned reputation as being a very reliable, trustworthy Company.

In fact, so strong is Millteks ‘uber – cool’ image that the market sometimes forgets that whilst its products are indeed technically superior, they are also EXCITING. Which is why MD Phil Millington and Marketing Manager Jon Nicholson were keen to steer the 2010 campaign in a slightly new direction.

The new advertisements carry specially commissioned photography featuring the new Scirocco GT, Audi R8 and a stunning Nissan GT-R.

Look out for the new adverts in the main automotive publications during the coming months.

WDA is pleased to announce our involvement with a new helmet brand which has been devised to bring some stability back to a segment of the motorcycle market which has been in disarray over recent years. LS2 is the own brand of the Worlds largest helmet factory, MHR China. And it has been devised as a showcase for the companies design, manufacturing and technological capabilities; which are arguably now starting to eclipse even the premier Japanese brands.

The factory had been dismayed at the way its O.E. products have been marketed and sold globally and are concerned that dealers who initially enjoyed the great margin available on ‘chinese lids’ are now experiencing the consequences of a dramatic downward price spiral, ¬†super aggressive terms and general loss of value amongst their customers who have been conditioned to view their head protection as more a throwaway fashion accessory.

LS2 is a range about quality, rather than price; although dealers can still expect great margin, as they are dealing ‘direct’ with the factory. The big difference is that LS2 is committed to re-investment of their profits back into the brand. Early signs are promising, as nearly half a million LS2 helmets have already been sold into foreign markets.

Account Manager Sally Parkin is looking forward to a great relationship: “WDA are really excited about the opportunity to work with such an exciting new brand. Having spoken at length with LS2’s UK Sales Coordinator, Simon Armstrong; it is clear the factory is very serious about its plans, being both incredibly well financed and headed up by a team which represents the best talent across Europe; and operating centrally from a dedicated HQ in Barcelona. LS2 took the decision to work with WDA having seen first hand what we did with Nitro (one of the brands manufactured in the LS2 factory). They were impressed with our understanding of the market place, our dedication and loyalty to Nitro, and our fresh thinking and original ideas.” LS2 was launched with a teaser e-campaign designed and broadcast to the trade by WDA, followed up with the first trade advert in British Dealer News this month.