Great Ideas drive the Worlds biggest businesses and most successful brands. Smart brands understand that a great idea is the single most valuable asset it can own. So at WDA we a) Sell them, and b) encourage clients to adopt them!

Buy the Idea
Why do we offer clients the option to buy ideas? Because often we have a great idea for a brand who cannot commission WDA. Maybe because they are contracted to using agencies from a roster. Maybe because they have an in-house department. Perhaps they just have a great working relationship with an existing supplier. So we simply sell the IP rights for the concept. Then we leave the execution to the client.

Share the risk
So what about the ‘return’ part of ROI? Well WDA is big on measurements and results, and our ROI process is also about sharing risk and reward with our clients. The process involves agreeing KPIs for your campaign, then reducing our fee (reducing risk to you) in return for the same % ‘reward’ should we exceed target!

For further information please contact Sally Parkin