WDA are proud to announce a new venture with a helmet brand we helped establish in the UK nearly ten years ago. KBC helmets approached WDA at the end of summer initially asking us to review their brand positioning and to produce their 2011 range catalogue see it here.

Time for a new strategy

2010 has seen lots of budget brands entering the mid-price market, a territory KBC has traditionally had a firm foothold in globally. Lots of these companies are entering a very crowded marketplace with product ranges that are essentially the same – many often coming out of the same Chinese factories; some even utilising the same base shell structure with different graphics.

KBC has consistently kept ahead of rivals in terms of product innovation, having successfully pioneered many new technologies over the years. But in addition to quality, innovation and safety KBC have also had the edge on design; its collections being visually stunning and immediately recognisable in the dealership.

Brand strength

In any market increased competition means an increased need to clearly differentiate. KBC recognised that its greatest asset, and the biggest competitive advantage it held was a very strong and established brand. Loz Broers Managing Director of KBC Europe:

“Some of the asian companies are struggling to grow their products into desirable brands which the more consumer developed global markets demand. At KBC we want our customers not only to have technically superior products that enhance their riding experience, we also want them to feel good about choosing – and using – KBC. We want to create products that say something about the rider and represent their lifestyle choices. Our brand is the sum of all the successful things we have done over the years. The industry firsts, the race wins, the World records. It’s also about what we stand for as a Company, our attitude, personality, how we treat our people and our customers and where we want to go next.

Our ultimate aim is to continue to create the Worlds most innovative helmets, whilst focussing on building our brand so that only KBC can offer the feeling our products give the rider.”

‘The Design Edge’

WDA’s Lee Waterhouse: “Our positioning – ‘The Design Edge’ – gives KBC a strong and distinctive platform to highlight both the technical benefits/features of the range AND to draw specific focus to KBC’s designer credentials – something that has always set it apart from its competitors.

The ‘Design Edge’ positioning also gives KBC the opportunity to continue to expand and possibly diversify the range into other associated products where design value is a key purchase decision for customers.

WDA are looking forward to building on ‘Design Edge’  in KBCs 2011 European promotional campaign. The first item to carry the new message is KBC’s range guide which launched at Intermot this month. View it here:


The head of motorsport for Pirelli has revealed what drove the Italian tyres manufacturer to return to Formula One after a 20 year break.

Paul Hembery, Motorsport Director for the tyres company, said: “The opportunity presented itself for us to come back to Formula One under changed commercial realities and to reinforce Pirelli’s reputation as supplier to the most prestigious car brands in the world by being represented at the pinnacle of single-seater racing.

“This was a chance that we didn’t want to turn down, and we’re delighted now to be here.”

In an exclusive interview with the F1times, Hembery confirmed that the new racing tyres will be made at Pirelli’s factory near Istanbul in Turkey.

He said: “It’s a very modern facility that only opened three years ago and it can easily be modified for the demands of Formula One production. Operationally, we’ve made this work without increasing our budgets by re-allocating some of our resources.”

Hembery also revealed the extent of the input the teams/FOTA have had into the design of the tyres for the 2011 season.

“With the agreement being announced well after the teams had begun development of their 2011 cars,” he explained, “the design of the tyres for next year will follow the current FIA regulations.

“We have worked with the teams to define the primary characteristics of the product but of course we have our design and material philosophies, and in the end it will be a Pirelli tyre.”