“Create extra demand for KBC products, and increase sales by streamlining the online to in-store customer journey”

This top line objective is just the kind of challenge WDA relishes as it gives us the opportunity to create something with a very focussed commercial goal.

With KBC we set about creating a visually stunning site to give the the brand an edge over its competition; whilst a complete overhaul of the user interface makes browsing and product selection easy and enjoyable for the viewer.

Additionally we have introduced a whole range of increased functionality over the outgoing site aimed at streamlining certain processes which were previously handled manually off line, including consolidation of the global dealer listings.

The site is built around an all new easy to search range selector hub, with online registration and a comprehensive support section for owners. Additionally there is a new blog which posts out to KBCs social networks, and a twitter feed coming back into the site. Video content is streamed onto the home page and media area, which also has downloadable screen savers taken from the new advertising suite.

Putting KBC’s global dealer network in control

The dealer locator component of the site created by WDA’s developer team is bespoke and gives nearly 30 global distributors administrator access to manage their own country specific dealer listings. Assigning control to the distributors aims to streamline the management process and ensure lists are accurate and up to date, ultimately making the customer experience as smooth as possible from website to point of purchase.

The new site is the first of a whole range of planned promotional material to leverage KBC’s new Design Edge brand positioning and visual identity (also devised by WDA).

Visit the new KBC website  www.kbchelmets.co.uk
Read more about the KBC rebrand here

WDA Automotive are pleased to announce a 100% survival rate following Sundays Ancaster Karting GP.

Lincolnshires Ancaster Kart track was the venue for the 2011 WDA Kart GP which saw the best WDA drivers finally line up on the grid following weeks of speculation, bragging, mind games and self-promotion. The action did not disappoint; with an almost continuous stream of incidents from the green light.

Scary high speed crash

Massa Hungaroring crash of the day went to Simon Llanos who was the victim of a high speed shunt into a huge tyre wall by a crazed Patrick Chapman, looking for revenge following a previous (office based) altercation. Lewis Hamilton award for most aggressive move went to Nicky Box who launched her 270cc Honda Biz Kart at full chat into Lee Waterhouse following a lost 50/50 in the previous corner.

After a full 45 minutes of sliding, bumping, pit lane speeding, and grabbing of huge chassis twisting chunks of kerb the results (by fastest laps) were in:

  1. Lee Waterhouse
  2. Kiel Bull
  3. Simon Llanos
  4. John Colley
  5. Patrick Chapman
  6. Nicky Box
  7. Sally Parkin DNS
  8. Tracey Wilmot-Simmons DNS