WDA are proud to announce the birth of another brilliant brand, this time created for Taiwanese scooter manufacturer CPI – and you don’t have to take our word for it:

“WDA really opened our eyes to the world of branding. The team at WDA have been professional and friendly at every step of the way. We feel the launch of the new branding will help us achieve a better market position faster and make our brand stronger over the coming years” – CPI Motorised Division Manager

To begin with, CPI were very focussed on the products; their widgets, bells and whistles – and how all this was being sold for an unbelievably low price. The team enthused about the specifications and how they compared to those of rivals, from an extra 1bhp here to a better MPG figure or a larger capacity fuel tank.

The reality is that brands only ever exists in the minds of the consumers and as such WDA suggested that whilst important, all these things were not strong points of differentiation as they could all be copied or (eventually) beaten.

We pointed out that CPI now operates in a very crowded market place consisting lots of far eastern bikes of similar specification also being sold on price. We argued that the real task was to successfully halt a downward image plunge and that what CPI really needed was a brand to go around its great products.

A brilliant brand was also going to be critical if we were to achieve the stated objective of wanting to move away from the poor quality image associated with Chinese manufacturing and take the fight upmarket to capture share from the quality European brands and even the Japanese big four.

Scooter is a challenging market as it is home to a very fragmented and diverse audience. In the case of CPI this was compounded by the company’s strategy to widen the product range beyond scooter. Looking over the 2012 model line up it was clear we had to appeal to riders young and old, from learners to commuters; sports riders, off roaders, female bikers – the list went on.

Basically CPI were asking us to appeal – and connect – to the WHOLE motorcycle sector.


WDA’s final positioning – ‘We Are Moto’ gave CPI the platform to immediately communicate the brands clear intention to diversify out of small capacity scooters into the wider market – almost inferring ownership of the entire sector.

‘We Are Moto’ was designed as a tribal call to arms for the brand; acting as the glue to connect with the diverse audience – freedom and a sense of camaraderie being shared values all riders can enjoy. The drill down allowed us to engage the individual who ‘becomes’ moto once part of CPI, with messages such as “I AM CITY: I AM MOTO”, and “I AM MX: I AM MOTO”.


WDA created CPI’s fully integrated ‘Whats your Moto?’ campaign which comprised both consumer and trade advertising, online promotions, email marketing and viral activities based around Facebook and twitter integration.

The campaign launch took place at the Motorcycle Live! show and our objective was twofold: To get CPI on bikers’ radar, and also to get our audience talking about the brand during and after the show.

WDA implemented show activities which prompted the public to inspect the entire CPI range and answer the simple question: “What’s YOUR Moto?”. On answering the CPI girls took details and entered show goers into a competition which encouraged interaction online through blogs and the official Facebook fan pages – this in turn gave us a viral effect which generated further interest in the brand.

Virality (the number of people who have created a story from our post as a % of the number of people who have seen it) on Facebook peaked at 15.79%. The median virality rate for Facebook pages is currently 1.92% according to edgerankchecker.com. The response rate for the competition itself was equally high, peaking during show week at 26%.

In addition to creating the ‘theatre’ on the stand, WDA produced all the stand graphics and literature, including the official range brochure.

So happy were the team with the job we had done that one of the three motorised division managers put a call into our offices to thank us personally, followed up with the following emailed quote:

“Thanks to WDA’s brilliant marketing strategy and of course the vibrancy of our new brand CPI, we are having the most successful retail show ever. The footfall on to our stand in the first day alone far exceeded what took a week last year with our old brand and dated marketing to achieve. Their innovative ideas have hit the mark for us. – CPI Motorised Division Manager

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The recent NEC motorcycle Trade Expo show was WDA’s first involvement with the knowledge shop, and proved a resounding success with many business owners taking advantage of 3 days of free marketing and branding consultation.

WDA also revealed Brand BuilderTM for the first time – A unique process developed by WDA and used to create some of the automotive industries best performing brands.

For those unsure about the return on investment in building or properly leveraging their brand through effective advertising and marketing campaigns; WDA were able to discuss the commercial benefits and reference several recent ‘case study’ businesses exhibiting in the same hall so that delegates could speak directly with brand owners who WDA had recently helped including CPI, ARMR moto, Renntec and Trimotive brand distribution.

Delegates we spoke to ranged from SME’s to marketing managers of large global corporations, and we were able to successfully reference examples of clients we have helped to drive business at both ends of this spectrum.

Having live case studies on hand was a great way to demonstrate the net result of investing in branding, without necessarily having to discuss the sometimes complicated strategic processes which underpin everything we create.

In simple terms, our objective is usually to make clients products or services more desirable to the consumer. All things being equal, a consumer will ‘tip’ towards the brand they favour most. WDA do this by creating a differentiated and ownable positioning at the very core of the offering – at that point where the market opportunity meets the most desirable things about a clients business.

Getting the core positioning right is essential before spending money on expensive media to communicate a message which might not engage, excite or motivate your target audience.

Leveraging your proposition through the wrong media channels is even worse if the idea is right, but nobody is listening. This is why WDA remain ‘media neutral’ and focus on delivering our core value – devising marketing and brand strategy, communication platforms and design solutions; unlike the usual model of recovering fee by margining production or media.

We believe we make the kind of decisions traditional agencies just aren’t able to recommend. For example, it’s s no coincidence that if you brief an ad agency then the solution will involve advertising; likewise a web development company’s solution will be to relaunch the website; and a printer will propose a solution involving print.

With WDA, our media advice is always in the best interests of the brand, not self serving to cover our own costs. It also means we are more flexible and can access a whole range of media channels; and react quickly as the media landscape changes (increasingly faster in the case of digital media).

If you missed us at the show and would like to discuss how WDA could help drive your business forward through more effective brand marketing, please email here or call +44 (0) 1332 372 728. An initial consultation is offered free of charge.