WDA has successfully rebranded SELECT (from Hannells) as the ultimate marketing solution for vendors of premier Derbyshire property, who not only want to achieve the best price possible but also want to experience a service through to sale like no other.

When it comes to selling and buying premium property, how it’s marketed is critical to how it’s perceived. ‘Standard’ marketing simply doesn’t work because a lifestyle is being brought it’s not just bricks and mortar. Buying any house (unless purely for investment) is both a financial AND emotional investment which needs to be taken into account.

Fundamental to this rebranding and repositioning solution it was essential to create a unique premium style, feel and tone for SELECT. This targeted customers (vendors and buyers) desire to be communicated with ‘on their level’.

Appealing unashamedly to the upmarket sensibilities of our audience, the new brand pushed the strategy to the limits with a series of tongue-in-cheek advertising messages which only the affluent would understand! 

From a standing start ‘SELECT’ is already taking a strong market share from their competition within the £500k+ segment of Derby’s premium property market.

SELECT is part of the Hannells group that came tantalisingly close to winning the Derby Sales and Marketing Award in 2014 at the Derby Telegraph Business awards. This year, it went one step further taking home 1st place, a great achievement in such a competitive field. 

The awards have played a big part in their ongoing success, not least as it was at last years awards they met WDA!

Importantly, this commitment to marketing has translated into sales, with Hannells enjoying activity levels not seen since before the recession hit in 2008, evidenced by turnover almost DOUBLING since last year.

WDA’s partnership with Hannells has clearly proven that strong foundations are not just essential to building a quality house, but equally important for successful branding, marketing and driving sales.