A question we get asked regularly here at WDA is “How can we improve our digital presence? Should we advertise online? How effective is Facebook advertising?” Our answer is always “Absolutely!” We’ve had some great results from PPC and other online advertising but the most successful in terms of value for money, is Facebook Advertising. Initially, many businesses may assume that their ‘target audience’ aren’t on Facebook… but with 2 billion active users, we beg to differ.

What can you gain?

It’s not always about direct sales conversions. Sometimes it’s about brand recognition that will ultimately give your audience the confidence to buy or get in touch. A multi-faceted approach is key here, ensuring you’re active and visible in a variety of places is important. By this, we refer to the old marketing adage – The Rule of 7. A prospect must see your message an average of seven times before they’ll take action. For example, if a person has seen a billboard, heard a radio ad, flicked past a newspaper ad and spotted a LinkedIn post… they are still highly unlikely to act immediately and all of those variations of advertising can be very costly.

What we’ve found with facebook though, is that it truly offers the best value for money. It’s unrivalled for it’s ‘soft selling’ capabilities as a comfortable environment for people to take in information and explore options. Unlike print advertising, which can cost around £650 for a 1/2 page advert, you can set your own budget and target it toward your specific audience.

Let’s look at an example.

A client of WDA Automotive recently asked us to explore Facebook advertising as an option for them to promote their free 1-2-1 cycle training scheme. Cycle Derby are focussed upon getting people out and about, cycling together as families or as a way of commuting.



Now, there are 2 options when it comes to using Facebook to advertise. On the left is a Sponsored Post and on the right is an advert. Now with both kinds of advertising, you can choose your budget (from as little as £5) but with promoted posts, there is more capability for targeting. Whether it be by location, interests, age or even gender.

For Cycle Derby, one Facebook ad which cost around a third of the price of a print ad in a local magazine, they reached over 36,000 people in the local area and had 340 new visitors to their site in just 10 days!

When used as a part of an overarching campaign, advertising online can be particularly successful and even go viral! Just look at the likes of Hankook Tyres, Mercedes and the Citroen C4 Tranformer ad!

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Why is branding so important and is it just for the big leagues?

Branding is just as important to small businesses as it is to huge globally recognised companies. In fact, most become so huge because of their branding.

For every product, system or design there’s often a multitude of similar ones available on the market. In a world where your offering can be copied and launched in a matter of weeks, brand is more often than not the only thing that differentiates you from your competitor. It’s the only thing that can’t be copied, it’s the only thing you truly own.

Most people think of branding as just a logo and a snazzy colour scheme on the website. But that’s just the beginning. Your brand influences the way your customer sees you. Your brand should speak to them before you actually speak to them. It’s not only embedded into websites and adverts, it’s engrained into employees, social media, email…even in the way you answer the phone.

With all of the ways for people to consume their media, consistency is key. You need to be memorable and avoid getting lost in the sea of companies sending emails and promoting social media posts. People prefer to do business with companies that they feel familiar with because they feel at ease when confronted with familiarity – regardless of whether they’re seeing the same tone, the same underlying message, whether they’re browsing the website, seeing a social media post or reading an email.

Does ‘brand loyalty’ exist?

Just take a look at the Apple/Android divide. Each has it’s loyal, dedicated customers that year on year upgrade to the latest smartphone from their preferred brand – often regardless of which is actually the better device at the time! Brand loyalty is very real…do you prefer Nike or Adidas? Heinz or HP? Pepsi or Coca Cola?


If you think of the advertising for most of the brands above, the focus shifts from the taste/look/quality of the product to the lifestyle and attitude it offers the consumer – ‘Just do it’, ‘Beanz Meanz Heinz’ and ‘Diet Coke Break’… they focus on your potential success, your family unity and the potential romantic outcome of choosing a certain brand over another.

Discussing the shifting focus of advertising, WDA’s managing director, Lee Waterhouse previously wrote:

“Suddenly the focus was taken OFF the product and its features and benefits and onto how a brand made you feel inside and how others viewed you. One of my favourite ad campaigns of all time is considered the first of this ilk. Created by my hero Sir John Hegarty for Levis rebellious Black Label jeans, this ad was the very first Levis advert NOT to feature the product – revolutionary at the time. Instead this was about a lifestyle statement, the copy boldly declaring ‘When the World Zigs, Zag’. (You can read Lee’s original article here.)

Don’t just talk the talk…

So, brand discussions should not only cover how you want things to appear, but how you want to be. This isn’t just applicable to those big globals. Small business are now more than ever, able to build their brand and stand apart from the crowd in a way that has ever been possible before. This is solely down to the digital era we’re in.

Gone are the days of only having billboards or TV and radio adverts! The power of social media and consumers having access to a wealth of information at their finger tips with smartphones and other mobile devices has meant that even the smallest of companies with the right digital strategy can have an excellent presence at a fraction of the cost.

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