Digital Marketing can be a minefield of confusion for both small businesses and larger ones. As a rule, business owners are unsure about where to begin or how to improve their digital presence.

We know what we want to say to our audience but we are unsure about how to reach them. The first thing you need to do before any marketing campaign is to identify your audience. We have to put ourselves in their shoes. Who is buying your product or in need of your service? We can’t even begin to communicate with them if we don’t know who they are.

Knowing your audience will ensure that you are not only creating great content, but you’re creating the right content which will increase conversions. So, who are they? A great way of identifying them is to build something we call a ‘business avatar’. This is essentially a fictional persona of your business’ ideal customer.

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Example: If you run a sports equipment store, you may find that your business avatar is male, aged 18-35 and interested in health and fitness as well as sport. Knowing this will enable you to use the correct tone of voice, create relevant tailored content and reach the audience most likely to convert!

If your audiences aren’t quite this cut and dry, there are many ways in which you can identify their interests and browsing habits. Google Analytics has lots of tools which you can use to narrow down your existing audiences behaviours and stats. If these are the people that are already browsing your site, they’re a pretty good starter for ten on identifying your ideal customer base! You can even check out where it is they’re coming from… direct search, email or social media? (You can take a look at our blog on Facebook advertising here)

Your next step is to identify the problems they may have that your company/organisation may be able to solve. Using the fitness example again; maybe your sports equipment store offers advice from professionals from various fields. Your unique selling point is offering reliable advice upon equipment purchase. This would also translate into an equal authority in your content – your audience will be interested in fitness, health and wellbeing. So any blogs, articles and advice will allow them to trust your brand and make a purchase.

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