The WDA team are excited to be currently working with Mainframe Derby. Mainframe is an initiative with a mission to bring together a community of digital and creative business across Derby & Derbyshire, helping to enable real business growth and jobs. They are a part of The Big House – a collaboration providing sector-specific support.

Mainframe want to put a digital and creative pin on the map for Derby and Derbyshire. One of the ways that they are helping to do this is through their Mainframe Awards.

WDA are delighted to have been given the opportunity to support them with creative and marketing for the upcoming 2019 Mainframe Awards. We aim to help Mainframe achieve more award nominations and to attract more people to the awards night itself.

To achieve Mainframe’s goal, we needed an idea behind the campaign. Our creative heads got together here and came up with “MAINFAME”, which also ties nicely into the Mainframe initiative. The idea behind this phrase and hashtag is that it will make nominees feel more special by shouting about what they are famous for in the industry. We have already received positive feedback and praise for this hashtag on Social Media.


The awards are an unprecedented opportunity to highlight and celebrate talented digital and creative businesses, teams and individuals in Derby and Derbyshire. Some of the categories for the upcoming awards include “emerging digital/creative star (under 25)”, “new product to market” and “digital/creative unsung hero”. Find out more about the awards here. As a creative and digital agency ourselves, it is great to be helping to bring the community together right on our doorstep.

The guys there are over the moon with what we have delivered so far and we’re all excited for what’s to come.

Hana York, Marketing Manager said, “From their pitch at the Mainframe BrandMatch event to last minute tweaks on launch day, our experience of working with the WDA team has been nothing but a pleasure. We really feel they are as excited about the Mainframe Awards 2019 as we are, and it’s shown in their creative approach to our Awards social media and website. They have kicked our event off in the best way possible and we can’t wait to see what they come up with next.”

Here’s a brief insight into some of the creative we have produced already…

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coming-soon-in-post-graphic-07 category-27

We are looking forward to continuing supporting Mainframe in the run-up to the awards night and can’t wait to get cracking on the rest of the campaign deliverables.

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