6 Business Marketing Trends To Exploit In 2019

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2018 is history. Whether it was a good year or a poor one for your business, 2019 is a new year. The perfect time to assess your business marketing to ensure you are doing everything in your power to grow your business. So where should your business be focusing its marketing efforts this year? WDA’s Digital Marketing expert, Matt Tudge, has put together 6 key marketing trends for you to exploit in 2019!


Amazon Echo and the emergence of similar devices have made voice search more relevant than ever. We believe that the use of voice search is only going to grow each year and will become even more pronounced in 2019. However, the critical question to ask is… “How do you optimise your website and marketing to tailor to voice search?” Creating blog articles that directly answer your prospects questions or having an in-depth FAQs page on your website are two of the best ways to do so. If you’d like to capitalise on the popularity of voice search in 2019 and get found for longer search queries then our content marketing team is here to help.


Although Instagram is a favourite among millennials, it shouldn’t be overlooked. The numbers speak for themselves as the Social platform continues to see an incredible acceleration in its user statistics – an estimated 1 billion people are now using it. One of the more recent features of Instagram, IGTV, launched last year. This allows you to upload longer form videos – providing an excellent opportunity to engage your followers and encourage them to take action.


This directly follows on from the above. The majority of content that is now being consumed on a daily basis is video. If your business still hasn’t got to grips with video marketing then 2019 must be the year you do so! Videos keep us interested and engaged. They hold our ever-shortening attention spans for a longer period and present the perfect way to advertise to or educate your customers and prospects. If you need help with creating engaging, professional video content that your customers will love, WDA is fully equipped to help you do so.


Even more so than Instagram, many business owners see Snapchat as a platform that is only for millennials. While the majority of Snapchats users do fit that category, if your business targets a younger audience then it is a brilliant place to reach them and interact with them. Creating regular Snapchat stories, using custom Geofilters and implementing paid advertising are all marketing tools you can utilise with the “hip” Social platform.


Chatbots had a surge in popularity last year with many being a feature on websites and Facebook pages. They are particularly useful for customer-facing businesses. In the “digital” era we are now living in, people have become more impatient and they want an answer straight away. Chatbots facilitate this with a personal approach – giving your prospects or customers a chat feature that they can use to enquire or ask questions. We expect to see a further increase in chatbot popularity this year.

Loyalty Rewards

Loyalty rewards have been around for a long time now and they play an important part in customer retention. They show no sign of slowing down in 2019, however, many existing schemes are too complex and confusing. A loyalty reward program should be simple and make your customers feel appreciated.

Make 2019 a more successful year for your business by exploiting some of these top business marketing trends. If you’d like to find out how we can help, get in touch with us today by calling 01332 372728 or by emailing anna@wda-automotive.com.

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