6 Marketing Tips to Boost Traffic and Increase Leads

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Would you like to get more from your existing digital marketing efforts?

We’ve put together 6 top tips to take your marketing to the next level and to help you generate more traffic and leads.

Improve your site speed

The average web page on the internet loads in around 3 seconds, which is a great benchmark. However, how fast your competitor’s websites load is more important, and this is what you should look to beat. Website loading times can have a tremendous impact on bounce rates and ultimately conversions. In fact, 4. According to reports, a 1 second delay results in a 7% conversion drop off rate. Site speed can get very technical, and usually, improving it will require the help of a web developer.

Create more content

Regularly producing quality and educational content that your audience will find useful will have them coming back to you repeatedly. This helps build trust and establishes your brand as a go-to resource. You can create content on Social Media, your blog and in videos, podcasts and infographics. Don’t forget to promote your content by sharing it on your social media accounts, employee LinkedIn profiles, your website, with your email list subscribers and more.

Invest in paid social media

With organic reach continuing to decline rapidly on social media, making use of the paid options available is essential to getting reach, awareness and traffic. The options to choose from are endless, which is why most businesses don’t know where to start. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn are the big 4 and whilst Twitter and LinkedIn can be great, Facebook and Instagram are where we’d suggest most businesses start. There are plenty of free resources available for getting started.

Optimise for conversions

Most businesses aren’t optimising their website and landing pages for conversion enough, even though it can often have a far bigger effect than driving extra traffic. With Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO), there’s lots that you can test, including featured images, call to action button colours and copy, content, layout and structure, the main headline and sub-headline, form fields and more.

Grow your organic search presence

Search engine optimisation is one of the most profitable forms of digital marketing when done right, but it’s not an overnight process. It takes time to build authority in Google, naturally attract backlinks and improve your organic visibility. Here are some things that you can do:

  • Create regular, fresh content
  • Have great user engagement on your website
  • Improve your site speed
  • Secure your site with HTTPS
  • Consider content length and the use of multimedia
  • Optimise onsite elements such as meta title tags, meta descriptions, and internal links
  • Feature as a source in online publications and blogs

Focus on the key onsite and technical factors to start with and continue to produce amazing content. If your audience loves the content you create and share, then your link profile will build naturally.

Launch a Pay Per Click campaign

PPC is instantaneous for boosting visibility and driving traffic. Although, optimising and honing your campaigns for optimal performance is an ongoing process. We’d recommend starting with a basic Google Search campaign that focusses on your core products and/or services.

You could also consider Smart campaigns. They are an autonomous option that enable SME’s to get set up and running with ads, fast.

Propel YOUR digital marketing to a higher level

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