When it comes to advertising and getting the best results for your business the capabilities are endless. Thankfully, our expert advertising team has the knowledge and know-how to advise you on the right media for your business advertising and deliver an engaging campaign. What types of advertising do we specialise in?

Digital Advertising

Every business is unique however with most, a lot of your target demographic are likely to be consuming content and media online. WDA’s digital team will work with you to determine the best online outlets for your digital advertising and we’ll then create highly targeted campaigns that convey your message.

Social Media Advertising

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube have taken the Social Media world by storm in the past decade. Many of the population spend a large chunk of their time glued to their smartphones on Social Media. What better place to advertise your business? WDA’s Social Media masters know how to get the best results on the most popular platforms today. This includes organic Social Media marketing and laser-focused paid advertising.

TV Advertising

Our creative team can work with you to produce funky TV spots that are taken from storyboard to film with motion graphics right through to the final edit. We can even handle clearcast approvals through to broadcast if required!

Print Advertising

Flyers, leaflets, business cards, print adverts, totem poles – you name it, the WDA team can design it! Our print adverts are expertly conceptualised, designed and professionally copy written to engage your audience. While your customers are still consuming print, you can be sure we’ll still be designing for it.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

For the businesses that want exposure fast nothing beats Pay-Per-Click advertising. Although PPC doesn’t produce results overnight, you will enjoy an instant stream of traffic to your website or landing page. Our expert team will ensure the campaign is optimised in the best possible way before launch and we’ll continue to manage it in an effective and profitable way.

Get In Touch

WDA not only have the knowledge and know-how to create profitable advertising campaigns for your business but we will also only recommend what we feel will work. To supercharge your advertising and grow your bottom line, get in touch with our team today on 01332 372728 or email