content marketing and bloggingAs digital marketing continues to evolve we see many marketing tactics come and go. However, content marketing continues to stand the test of time. Content is a crucial component to any digital marketing strategy whether your focus is B2B or B2C. Content helps create awareness, nurture leads, drive conversions and boost customer retention.

What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the creation of content with the goal of enabling your brand to connect better with your audience. This can be in the form of text based content or visual content. For content marketing to be effective, in depth research into your target market and what they’re searching for is required and then expert digital tactics are applied to the content we create to get it in front of your audience. Content should be created for all stages of the customer journey from initial awareness right through to decision.

What Does A Content Marketing Campaign Look Like?

The first stage of a content marketing campaign is to carry out research. Once the research process is complete we’ll then map out the content we’d like to create for various stages of the customer journey. We’ll then decide where this content will be promoted and what format the content needs to be in. With each piece of content we produce, it will be thoroughly analysed to determine its performance so we know where to focus our efforts going forward.

Content Marketing And SEO

Search engines love content. Research shows that pages with more content on them rank higher in search results. WDA’s team of content marketing experts carry out extensive keyword research and market insights to help drive the best results with the content we are creating. The content we create is always fully optimised in line with your SEO strategy to give it the best possible chance of ranking and driving organic referrals to your website. Creating brilliant content regularly will also establish your brand as an authority in your industry so customers and prospects will see you as a “go-to” resource. The next time they require your products or services they’ll already know about your business and what you do so will come straight to you!

How To Promote Your Content

After content has been created it needs promotion. With content promotion, content marketing just becomes content creation. Promoting content can be done in many ways – paid advertising, through your Social Media channels, via targeted emails, in prominent places on your website and more. We’ll work with you to discover the optimum way to distribute the content for your business.

Content Audit

Before we start work, our team is happy to carry out a FREE initial audit of your existing content. This will help to establish which pages or blog posts on your site are driving traffic, which are performing well and which aren’t. We can then put a plan of action together on how we go forward with your existing content before starting on a new content strategy. The aim here is to get more of your content performing better to drive more engagement and conversions for your business.

Get In Touch

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