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We have a super talented digital marketing team with expertise across the entire digital spectrum – here to drive more leads and sales for your business!

No matter which of our digital services you choose, your campaign will be delivered and managed to the highest of standards by qualified experts – ensuring maximum return on your investment. We provide bespoke marketing solutions for businesses of all sizes with prices ranging from £300 to £3,000 plus depending on your budgets and your goals.

Some of the digital marketing services we provide are listed below.

A key part to most digital marketing strategies and its focus is to drive organic search traffic to your website by increasing your search visibility. There are a number of ways in which we can do this and most will involve us writing professional engaging content. Search Engine Optimisation is best viewed as a long term approach so is not something we recommend for businesses wanting results quickly.

Most businesses whether B2B or B2C have some form of presence on Social Media. However, not all businesses are active on their Social Media accounts nor are they using them to their full advantage. Many business owners simply don’t have the time to invest in Social Media. WDA’s digital team create highly effective Social Media strategies for our clients that drive engagement, traffic and customers.

Paid advertising gives you the opportunity to get in front of potential customers and drive targeted traffic to your website instantly. If you’re in a position where you want results quickly, paid advertising is often the avenue we recommend. This could be Google AdWords, Bing Advertising, Paid Social Media, Forum Advertising, Native Content Promotion, Podcast Advertising and more.

WDA has a dedicated Google qualified paid advertising team that handles a vast range of accounts across multiple local and global markets. From strategy to implementation and ongoing optimisation, let the WDA team help you grow your profits with paid marketing.

Many business owners are afraid of content marketing or blogging – you may even fall into this category yourself. Content marketing is probably something you have considered but maybe you feel you have nothing interesting to say, worry that nobody will read the content, or will find it boring. WDA is here to help.

None of the above are true – informative and engaging content is not only useful to your customers but it helps build relationships and trust with prospects. A regular stream of great content on your website will help position your business as a go-to resource they can trust. The WDA marketing team can not only create content for you that is engaging and well researched, we can also market that content across the relevant digital channels.

Email marketing is still highly effective and offers great return on investment. For email marketing to be successful, a solid strategy must be in place and your database has to be current as well as GDPR compliant. Currently a large number of WDA clients both B2B and B2C use email successfully to promote offers, build their brand, stay in front of their target audience, nurture leads and drive sales. WDA’s digital team can design and implement engaging email campaigns that achieve the desired response.

What use is driving traffic if where it’s going doesn’t convert? It’s like trying to fill a bucket of water with holes in it!

The average website conversion rate is often between 1 and 2 percent. Sometimes less. Simply working with the existing traffic you have and optimising your website to convert better can have a bigger impact than driving more traffic. WDA’s conversion rate optimisation specialists will use tools like HotJar to test variants and lift conversion rates.

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