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Even with the GDPR and many business databases having to be reduced and culled – email marketing is still extremely popular. Why? It is fast, affordable and delivers a great ROI. Many of our existing clients (B2B and B2C) are currently using email marketing to their advantage – nurturing leads, keeping customers in the loop, cross-selling and building brand loyalty. So why use email marketing for your business?

Why Email Marketing?

According to Emarsys, 80% of business professionals believe that email marketing increases customer retention. How? It provides a consistent method of communication between you and the customer – keeping them informed on company news and updates, promotions and more. Email marketing continues to deliver on performance with around 40% of B2B marketing professionals stating that email is most crucial to their content marketing success. Here’s how email marketing can help your business:

  • Nurture leads by building interest and desire over time
  • Keep in touch with existing customers – improving retention
  • Cross-sell through incentives and promotions

Email Marketing Strategy

For email marketing to be successful it has to be done right. You can’t just go out and buy a database anymore – if you could it wouldn’t work anyway. Personalisation and segmentation is the key to great email marketing. In fact, Campaign Monitor has recently reported… “Marketers who use segmented campaigns note as much as a 760% increase in revenue”. WDA will work with your business to get these parts of your strategy right. However, beforehand, we’ll discuss your goals, understand what you’d like to achieve and then we’d go on to develop a tailored solution to suit you.

What Is Email Marketing Automation?

Email marketing automation is simply a method to automate emails based on strategic workflows that are activated through specified triggers. There are numerous software platforms that have the capability to deliver this including MailChimp. Email marketing automation requires a great deal of initial research and set-up work to get started but if it’s done correctly it will save a huge amount of time.

Email Template Designs That Work

WDA’s expert team can design and create email template designs that work. Each of our custom templates is designed and built around best practices and market research and then fully tested on all devices. We can create HTML templates or build them in your chosen email marketing platform.

Testing And Reporting

Testing and reporting both help to improve email marketing performance over time. Our experts will split test layouts, subject lines, imagery, calls to action and more to help us refine what we’re doing. We’ll also provide regular stats and reports so you know what’s working and what isn’t. Many of our clients are happy to digest these themselves but if you need us to jump in and take you through it we’re more than happy to do so.

Why Choose WDA?

If you choose WDA as your email marketing partner you’ll receive the help and support of a fantastic digital team with a passion for driving results. We’ll always keep you in the loop, we are transparent in all of our communications and if something isn’t working, we’ll offer advice to get it right.

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