Should Your Business Be Using Google’s New Call Ads?

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Google first introduced Call-Only Ads back in 2015, enabling advertisers to create campaigns that focus on solely driving calls. Lots of businesses have since implemented them and achieved great results, with data showing that while Call-Only Ads usually cost more per click, they result in a lower cost per acquisition.

Just yesterday, Google updated its Call-Only Ads by adding the option for advertisers to now include a link to their website and renaming them to Call Ads in the process.

Google said this is aimed to “give your customers more flexibility in how they connect with your business, you can now include an optional “Visit website” link with your call-only ads.”

Here’s a more detailed overview of the benefits to Google’s updated Call Ads and whether your business should be using them or not.

Gives users more options

This new feature empowers the consumer by giving them more options. If they don’t want to call right away then they can visit and browse your website instead. If you do decide to update your existing ads to include the new option then ensure your website is loading fast and responding on all devices as optimally as possible. Also, make sure the correct conversions are being tracked in AdWords before setting the changes live so that you can track their effectiveness.

Relieves strain on customer service

Driving traffic to your website instead of having users call your business could potentially relieve strain on customer service. One of the best ways to deal with an increase in traffic and to keep visitors satisfied is to install a chatbot.

Chatbots can have a huge impact on customer experience by providing instant answers, anytime, and on-demand. If you don’t have a chatbot installed on your website to deal with basic enquiries and further relieve the pressure on your customer service teams then we’d highly recommend getting one implemented. It’s also estimated that chatbots can help businesses save as much as 30% on customer support costs!

Increased ad size

Adding a website link to your Call Ads will also increase the size of the ad, improving your presence, and helping your ad to stand out from the competition. Just a small increase in the size of your ad could have a great impact on your click-through rates.

Should your business be using them?

At this time and without much data, it’s difficult to say whether adding your website link to your Call Ads would have a positive or negative impact on your AdWords performance. However, taking into consideration some of the benefits to this new format above, we think it’s definitely worth testing!

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