Pay Per Click (PPC) is a trackable marketing tactic that we’d recommend to many businesses due to its effectiveness, transparency and ability to drive business. Most businesses that come to us for a marketing solution are competing in competitive industries and PPC can help you do just that. Our paid specialists will devise and deliver a campaign that is optimised to perform based on your bespoke requirements and business goals.

Will I Get Leads Straight Away?

A lot of the businesses that we work with and deliver PPC campaigns for generally experience an increase in leads quickly. However, for some, it does take a little longer. Pay Per Click requires ongoing management, testing and optimisation in order to improve results and meet your goals. Your target audience will see your ads when they go live however and you’ll see an increase in website traffic almost instantly. The next focus is getting that traffic to convert. Our Google qualified team will have your campaigns set up and optimised from the off in order to minimise the length it takes to create an impact.

How Does It Work?

Pay Per Click works very much like an auction. You are bidding for ad space on the platform. As a general rule of thumb, for higher and more prominent ad positions, bidding higher will achieve this – resulting in more clicks to your website or landing page. However, top positions don’t necessarily mean better performance. In fact, ads in lower positions often convert better. This is different for every business though and for each industry so ongoing performance monitoring is needed to discover the optimum ad positions for your business.

What Platforms Can I Advertise On?

For many businesses wanting to start taking advantage of PPC – Google Adwords is the preferred option. However, there are a number of other options available that we can use in unison with Google Adwords or as alternatives (depending on your business requirements). The alternatives include Bing Advertising (less reach than Google but lower costs), Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads and more.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of running a successful Pay Per Click campaign varies depending on the size of your account, your goals and your budget. Your costs will be split between paying the advertising platform directly and then us a management fee. In general, the higher your budget the more time investment on our part will be needed to manage that account so the higher the cost will be. If you’re not sure on a budget and are coming into this at an entry level then WDA’s paid specialists will work with you to determine a suitable budget that aligns with your goals and the results you’re looking for.

Will I Know If It’s Working?

The real benefit to paid advertising is its transparency. The platform will tell you how much of your budget has been spent for a given timeframe and how many conversions you have had (providing the tracking is in place). With more data to analyse over time, we’ll be able to know which ads are working and which aren’t, which keywords are performing well and much more – giving us the ability to hone your campaigns and optimise them to deliver results.

Why Work With WDA?

We’re an award-winning advertising agency and our specialist paid team are Google Adwords and Bing certified – we know what works and how to drive results. The certifications cover the entire spectrum of advertising options on these platforms including Search campaigns, Display, Shopping and more. You’ll receive regular communication and reports so that you’re always kept updated on campaign performance and ad spend.

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