The Face of Caring

The Project

Quality of patient care is at the centre of everything the DCHS does, and with WDA’s help something they wanted to shout from the rooftops and tell the world about! WDA were briefed on creating a solution based around 8 ‘Always Events’ – 8 criteria related to care which the trust is committed to delivering for all its patients.

Rather than convey boring facts and statistics about how well the DCHS was performing across these 8 criteria, we wanted to tell the story instead, by focussing on real patients who have experienced the real, positive benefits of the trust’s brilliant care. To give a broad appeal we wanted to focus on as wide a range of patients, carers and situations as possible, and in each case find a shining example of the patient enjoying and directly benefiting from the care the trust promises to deliver.

The resultant ‘Caring Always’ campaign was designed to be refreshing, uplifting and give patients of the DCHS the ‘feel-good factor’. Delivered across multiple media both traditional and digital, our campaign was targeted at some 1.5 million patient contacts per year across some 133 premises.

Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS Trust (DCHS) is one of the largest NHS provider organisations in the country employing more than 4,500 and with revenues approaching £150 million.


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