Working With Koroyd: A Revolutionary Tech Company in Monaco

The Project

WDA helped develop the brand strategy and brand visual identity and produced a whole range of marketing assets including the design and build of Koroyd’s new website, various items of hard collateral and digital media graphics and content. We also created, scheduled, published and managed all digital output including Koroyd’s social media channels and campaigns.

As a revolutionary new technology, we needed to raise awareness and educate target manufacturers on the benefits of incorporating Koroyd into their products. The challenge was that Koroyd effectively replaces very established and less expensive materials which already meet existing regulatory standards, so it was critical that the benefits were very clearly defined and communicated.

WDA conducted intensive work on positioning and messaging, as Koroyd technology represents a different proposition amongst its different target markets. For example, safety due to its impact absorption and crumple zone characteristics (i.e. for Auto bodywork and helmets) or its dynamic properties and very low weight (i.e. when utilised as a core material within ski and snowboard).

We also worked heavily on maintaining Koroyd’s uniqueness as new alternative technologies began to emerge (i.e. WaveCel). By being fully immersed in the technology and science behind Koroyd, we were able to develop strong points of differentiation.

Here’s what Koroyd’s founder had to say about our immediate response to WaveCel’s initial launch into the space and challenge to Koroyd:

“I have had so many calls from within the industry supportive of what we are doing. The article had the perfect mix of fun, cheeky and informative. Everyone thinks it was the perfect response. [key industry brand and authority] CEO called to say they had a board meeting and loved our response. Want to work on a Koroyd solution! Thanks for getting everyone together and pulling it off so quickly. Really great support.”

The ongoing marketing support was Key Account-based, with Koroyd identifying a relatively small number of focussed opportunities by sector for WDA to target.

This could be a broader instruction i.e. for WDA to raise awareness and target child car seats for private hire fleet; or specific presentation based approaches for sometimes single targets where Koroyd had developed a specific solution. During the past 18 months, Koroyd has moved more into the cycle helmet market following new agreements with Endura and Smith.

The Results

Engagement and reach within each target account. Meetings booked, opportunities created, and conversions achieved including Endura and Alpina.

Working With Koroyd: A Revolutionary Tech Company in Monaco Waterhouse Digital Agency Project
Working With Koroyd: A Revolutionary Tech Company in Monaco Waterhouse Digital Agency Project



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