Altogether better with PuroVaso’s® distinctive brand positioning.

Main Image of Altogether better with PuroVaso’s® distinctive brand positioning.

This year saw the launch of PuroVaso® in April with a distinctive brand positioning.

The PuroVaso® product range has been specifically developed to provide effective solutions for handling powders and tablets in the life science manufacturing industry. They offer the benefits of single-use technology whilst also being suitable for multi-use applications.

WDA Branding were tasked with bringing this new brand to the forefront of peoples minds in the B2B pharmaceutical sector.

Purovaso Business Cards

How did we do it?

The journey with WDA was split into two phases. The first all-important phase was making sure that we had a clear understanding of the USP’s that PuroVaso® offer. This phase involved carrying out market and competitor analysis. We reviewed the market from an objective perspective and identified how competitors position, brand and market the current plastic, stainless steel and disposable bag alternatives.

Purovaso Branding

With the brand architecture, we advised on the structure of brands within the company, determining the best way now and going forward that the product portfolio is named leaving scope for product extension.

This all led us to the brand position for PuroVaso® as the ‘Altogether better’ solution. The company is innovative, its products are flexible, lightweight and recyclable compared to competitors.

Purovaso Box

The second phase in the scope of works was considering what and how would be the best route to their specific market. We took great care and consideration when producing the communications and setting the tone of voice. We also had to be mindful of the levels of complexity and technical language with the end user in mind.

At this stage, PureVaso® was new to the market so we focused on brand awareness. Raising the profile of this company with launch collateral including brochures, exhibition graphics, packaging, e-shots through to branding of all internal communications. Throughout this, we made sure that all employees stood behind and believed in the positioning statement as the core message for the company.

Purovaso Brand Positioning

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