seo derbyHow visible is your business in the organic search results? Do you keep seeing your competitors websites ranking ahead of you? The team at WDA are here to help. We’re an established and award-winning marketing agency based in the heart of Derby and we know how to get results. Our dedicated search engine optimisation team will deliver a successful SEO campaign that increases your organic traffic and gets you more business!

There have been some major shake ups in the SEO community these last few years but it is still one of the most effective digital marketing tactics that you can deploy. Over time you’ll enjoy a steady flow of organic traffic to your website resulting in more enquiries and more sales.

How Long Will It Take?

“Rome wasn’t built in a day”. The same can be said about search engine optimisation. The key thing to remember with search engine optimisation is that results and more organic traffic don’t come overnight. Most clients we work with tend to see improvement after the first few months but it’s not the same for all businesses. SEO is best viewed as a long term marketing approach to complement additional digital tactics like Social Media and Paid Advertising.

The way we approach SEO is evolving all the time. The days where you could just buy a thousand links to your website or keyword-stuff your pages to rank at the top of Google are long behind us.

On-site SEO

SEO can be broadly split up into two parts – on-site and off-site. On-site being everything that you can optimise on your website. This can get quite technical and often involves sitemaps, improving your site speed as well as updating metadata. However, the number one on-site tactic you can utilise and start doing today is creating fresh content. Research and produce engaging content that your visitors will love. The longer you can keep visitors on your site and the more you have them coming back, the more you will turn into paying customers. Google also love to see fresh content and websites with great user engagement.

Off-site SEO

This is where we focus on elements away from your website, like content outreach and competitor analysis. Here at WDA, we like to recommend a future-proof content-focused approach to SEO with an emphasis on attracting links naturally rather than building them and trying to “game” the system.

Why Choose WDA As Your SEO Agency?

We are an award-winning marketing agency founded in 1997 with a passion for driving results and helping to grow your business. So what sets us apart from all the other agencies out there? We tackle all of our marketing campaigns with your brand in mind. Brand is at the forefront of everything we do and if we feel there are branding elements we could improve upon beforehand such as your brand positioning then we’ll recommend doing that first. With WDA you’ll get experience, clear communication and above all, results.

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