WDA Digital Marketing Round-Up: 21st – 27th Sept

Main Image of WDA Digital Marketing Round-Up: 21st – 27th Sept

Missed the important digital marketing news and updates from last week? We’ve got you covered with the WDA Digital Marketing Round-Up.


Local Services Ads Bidding: Google is launching a beta for bidding on Local Services Ads but only a few selected advertisers will get access. Here’s what a Google spokesperson said… “After seeing success with auction-based pricing within our professional services vertical for Local Services Ads, we are excited to bring auction-based pricing as a beta to select markets for local services advertisers. We believe this model will help bring more customers to this trusted group of advertisers.”

Local Ads Enhancements: On Wednesday 23rd Sept, Google announced some new local ads enhancements as they continue to invest in online-to-offline functionality. These include service attributes for Local Campaigns, “Pick up later” for Local Inventory Ads and Smart Bidding Optimisation for in-store sales.

Shipping Details Schema: Shipping details schema is now supported for Google product results. Advertisers can use the shippingDetails schema markup to add cost and estimated delivery time details for each product.


20% Text Limit Removed: While the 20% text rule has become less strict in recent years, in a very welcome move, Facebook have now done away with it completely so go ahead and get adding more text to your image ads!

Instagram Reels Updated: Instagram Reels was only launched recently and it’s already being tweaked and updated. The recent updates to Reels include the ability to create longer Reels of up to 30 seconds and better trimming functionality.


Linkedin’s Partner Program Updated: The new updates are designed to make it easier for businesses to find LinkedIn experts with new specialty categories. Here’s what LinkedIn had to say: “Today we’re announcing updates to specialties – how you work with our partners – which will make it easier for you to find the right solutions for your marketing on LinkedIn. Whether you’re looking to create content, grow your brand, convert leads, or measure the impact of your investments, our LinkedIn marketing partners are here for you.”

Other Updates

Yelp Ad Features: Yelp has introduced more updates to Ad features to give advertisers more control. Firstly, they’ve integrated Ads Dashboard into Yelp for Business, giving advertisers on the platform more visibility and control. Secondly, they’ve introduced several additional features including Ad goals, Keyword management and Audience Size Estimator.

Reddit Ad Inventory Types Launched: Reddit has recently launched Ad Inventory types to give its advertisers greater control over campaigns. While they still have a way to go to win brands over, the updates are certainly another step in the right direction.

Pinterest New Features: Pinterest is launching a suite of creator-first features including Story Pins and new creator profiles. Pinterest Stories are now in Beta and are slightly different from the norm – they will be contained within a Pin rather than using a separate feed and also don’t have a 24-hour time limit.

WDA’s Highlight of the Week

Our highlight from last week’s marketing news is the complete removal of Facebooks 20% text rule. Knowing that text can be used however the advertiser wants to use it in an image ad without limiting reach grants lots more creative license. Hopefully we see some more innovative image ads over the coming weeks and while many brands report video ads result in better engagement and performance overall, it is always something that you should test for your brand.

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