WDA Digital Marketing Round-Up: 28th Sept – 4th Oct

Main Image of WDA Digital Marketing Round-Up: 28th Sept – 4th Oct

Missed the important digital marketing news and updates from last week? We’ve got you covered with the WDA Digital Marketing Round-Up.


Google Indexing Issues: Google has confirmed that there have been mobile-indexing issues and canonicalisation issues. They announced on Twitter on Friday the 2nd that they’re currently working on resolving these. Head to @searchliaison on Twitter for the latest updates on this.

Free Google Shopping Listings Expanded Soon: Back in April, free Google Shopping listings were opened up for merchants in the United States with a view to roll out globally later in the year. Last Wednesday, Google made the announcement that the free listings would be coming to Europe, Asia and Latin America starting from the middle of this month.

Local Services Ads Coming to Europe: Google’s Local Services Ads are being rolled out across Europe – initially available in 10 countries including the UK. Additionally, LSAs will be available for 16 home service categories only, including Appliance Repair, Carpet Cleaning, Electricians, Garage Door Installation and Repair, House Cleaning, Lawn Care, Movers, Pest Control, Plumbers, Roofers, Water Damage Restoration, Window Cleaning, Window Repair, Junk Removal and Tree Service.


Accounts Center: Facebook Accounts Center launched last Tuesday. It’s a consumer facing tool that is designed to help users manage their connected experiences across Facebook apps such as Facebook pay and Single Sign. While this isn’t directly marketing related, it shows that Facebook is continuing to make its apps more congruent.

Cross-App Communication Introduced: Last Wednesday, Facebook announced that it will begin introducing cross-app communication between Messenger and Instagram. As well as this, Instagram’s inbox will be getting an upgrade with some Messenger type features.

28-Day Attribution Model Being Removed: Facebook will start removing the option on October 12th and the 7-day attribution setting will be reverted to as default. Historical data is available until the 12th so we’d recommend downloading any of this that is relevant as soon as you can.


Access to Voice Tweets Increased: Back in June, Twitter announced Voice Tweets for iOS which was met with a fair share of criticism. However, Twitter is now working to have transcription available for audio and video as part of its larger plan to make the app accessible for everyone. Also, auto-captions for voice messages and video should be ready by early next year.

Other Updates

Microsoft Advertising partnership with Integral Ad Science: The partnership was announced Monday and aims to provide brand safety verification for native ads on Microsoft’s Audience Network. Inventory is evaluated prior to the ad auction using pre-bid integration, and is automatically applied across the Audience Network.

Pinterest New Features: Firstly, Pinterest has added more ad slots that enable businesses to reach their audience when they’re actively researching products. The update lets advertisers place ads in Pinterest Lens matches, the Shop tab and also shopping matches on pins. These are still being rolled out and will first be made available in the UK and US. Secondly, they’re increasing data and insights on specific Pin performance. Finally, Pinterest’s personalised shopping recommendations are being expanded, again in the US and UK initially.

WDA’s Highlight of the Week

Our highlight from last week’s marketing news is Google announcing that they’re expanding the access to free Shopping listings. We’re looking forward to gaining access to these and implementing across our relevant clients accounts. We’d definitely encourage e-commerce businesses to take advantage of this as it’s a fantastic free opportunity to boost your product awareness, reach, traffic and ultimately sales.

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