WDA’s Fondest Christmas Memories & Presents

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With Christmas creeping ever closer, the WDA team got together and each member of our team has come up with their fondest Christmas memory or present. If some of these don’t spark a bit of Christmas nostalgia then we’re not sure what will!

Lee Waterhouse, Managing Director

“Not so much a fond Christmas memory, but one which has stayed with me. In 1978 my father got me my first motorbike an XR75 Honda. On Christmas day, everyone, including my nan, grandad, uncle and aunt were in the garden watching me take the maiden ride. I was being a bit mardy (well I was only 7!), so my father (who has a legendary temper, and no doubt fuelled by Sherry), grabbed the bike off me and fumbled the controls. He ploughed straight over our grass and literally destroyed our asbestos garage, showering everyone in a lovely Christmassy dust cloud! Those were the days!”


Anna Buonaguro, Business Development Manager

“I desperately wanted a Mr Frosty when I was young but never got one… This year, my daughter Frankie will be receiving one for Christmas… I’m excited!”


Gemma Lovett, Creative Lead

“In 1985, I had a dream of owning a typewriter… in my words a righttyper as it always typed right. My dreams came true when Santa delivered a ‘petite 990’.”

petite 990 typewriter

Ash Flint, Graphic Designer

“I always enjoyed remote control cars, pedal go-karts and Scalextrics as a kid. I got an RC car called “Mutator” for one Christmas which you could alter the ride height of and even change it diagonally. I thought this was great as I could use it on the lawn and road.”


Luke Cuttell, UX/UI Designer

“I was all about pedal bikes and skateboards as a kid. I never seemed to get any better at riding either of them though! I think I’d been asking my folks for a serious, stunt-loaded BMX one year. When it turned up, I must have convinced myself I’d be the next Matt Hoffman. Before anyone knew it I was out on the lawn trying to tackle these dodgy-looking, 3ft ramps that my brother and I had casually knocked together with nails and spare wood. Anyway, I managed to do a full flip over the handle bars at some point! I spent the Boxing day covered in plenty of bruises. All fun at the time!”

mongoose bmx

Anne Bernard, Digital Marketing Specialist/Copywriter

“When I was about 7 I really wanted a pair of roller skates. Fortunately, I’d been good that year, so was the lucky recipient of some red leather adjustable skates similar to these. I spent many hours clattering about in them (not much smooth gliding going on) in front of my home.”

roller skates

Simone Letts, PPC Specialist

“In an attempt to make Christmas less about the material things and more substantial, in 2015 I decided that it should not be overlooked that I am a gift to my family. So much so that I placed my graduation photo at the top of the tree to establish my position as the star of the family.”


Matthew Tudge, Digital Marketing Specialist/SEO

“When I was young my Grandad used to dress up as Santa and would walk into the back garden belting out “Ho Ho Ho” and saying “Merry Christmas Matthew, I hope you’ve been good this year”. I was ecstatic until about 7 years old when I realised that Santa had the same shoes as my Grandad! The following year, I dressed up with him as his little elf and we did the same thing for my sisters.”

matt and grandad

We hope our Christmas stories have got you in the Christmas spirit and we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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