Uncovering the Franz Billich story

MER were quite shocked when WDA initial suggested that they aren’t really selling car care products, rather they're selling a shiny car, personal pride and an investment protection – the product experience NOT the product itself. With lots of competition in the category (especially on the shelves of main retailer Halfords) WDA’s goal was to create an emotive and desirable positioning for MER, one which was not being exploited by the competition and which MER could claim and own.

In-depth market research uncovered a whole MER back story waiting to be told, rooted in the brand's German origins, and its inventor Franz Billich. As the basis of a positioning this discovery was key since no other brand was using what was clearly a very strong driver within other parts of the Automotive market. Championed by aspirational premium car brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, BMW, Audi and Volkswagen, German manufacturing has long been revered globally for automotive engineering excellence through the appliance of technology, with traits of the German people perceived to be clinical, meticulous, considered and thorough. WDA proposed that we could elevate the premium status of MER by leveraging these things through the technical performance benefits of the product and appeal directly to the ‘inner perfectionist’ of those consumers looking for cleaning excellence.

Following WDA’s highly successful brand re-positioning and re-launch, MER reported a year on year sales uplift of 20% in main retailer Halfords.

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