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The COVID-19 pandemic was something very unexpected and has rapidly spread across the world, causing most countries to enforce a lockdown – allowing people out of their homes only for a handful of reasons. 

As March is craft month, we thought we’d help out with a few creative ideas to keep yourself and your kids busy during this time. We’ve picked our 7 favourites that are suitable for a variety of age groups…


First up we have knitting! This is something that is often seen as an elderly person’s hobby, however, this can be enjoyable for all ages, with a variety of different knit stitches to try and different things you can knit. Why not get a head start and knit yourself or a family member a blanket ready for Winter – it may seem far away but if you’re just doing this as a side project, it may take weeks, if not months to complete depending on the size you’d like to go for.

Here’s a step-by-step guide, teaching you everything from casting on, knit stitches, casting off, and even how to sew your squares together to make a huge patchwork blanket:


Next up, we have origami. Once again, something all ages can enjoy. You can leave your children with a YouTube video and send them on their way to make their own origami animals – this could keep them occupied for hours, and all you need is paper! 

If you’re a keen book reader, why not try making an Easter origami chick bookmark?

Rock Painting

Rock painting can be messy, so if you’re blessed with good weather, it might be worth going outside, putting some newspaper down, and doing this activity in the comfort of your own garden, allowing you and your kids to get some fresh air too. 

If you do not have access to a garden, next time you’re out on your walk of the day, pick up some rocks, clean them when you return home, and ensure you’ve put some newspaper or a tablecloth down before starting your painting. The below video shows some easy rock painting ideas you could do with your children, or leave them to do by themselves.

DIY Coasters

Wanting to spruce up your house a bit during this downtime? Why not try making your own coasters! These are super easy to make – using minimal resources too. There are some craft websites still shipping during these times, so get your orders in quick!

What’s great about these is that they are all individual – no two are exactly the same, even if you use the same colours. There are lots of different DIY coaster ideas around on the internet, so get searching for your favourites and get making! Below is one of the easiest designs we found – something the kids could certainly get involved with too, give it a watch:

Bubble Printing

Bubble printing is definitely going to take some of you back to your childhood. Who remembers doing these at school? Very easy to make and makes some interesting and unique patterns too. If you have children, we’re sure you’ll have most of these supplies at home, so you can get started straight away! Here’s a tutorial we found for those of you who don’t already know how to bubble paint: 

Paint Pouring

Something that’s certainly breaking the internet at the moment is paint pouring, also known as a dirty pour. This consists of a lot of paint, making it a messy one best done outdoors or over a tray to catch excess paint. This crafting activity is suitable for all ages (adult supervision required for younger children). Watch the video below to see one way you could do a paint pour.

Rainbow of Hope

Last but not least, we have the rainbow of hope. This is something very current that absolutely everyone can get involved with – and should do too! You may or may not have seen rainbows hung up in people’s windows whilst out for your daily walk or run and that’s because of the Coronavirus. People have been creating their own versions of rainbows to spread joy to those around us in such an uncertain and unsettling time. 

Have you made a rainbow of hope yet? Send them in to us via our social media channels! See how other people have made their rainbows below:

So what are you waiting for? Grab yourself some knitting needles and yarn, get your paints at the ready, or make a rainbow to lift everyone’s spirits during this unsettling time! Whatever you get up to, be sure to let us know on social media. We’re on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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